Still Life Photography Tips And Techniques, Part 6 - The Still Life Photography Lighting Setup

As I searched for biographical information regarding Mark Tucker, link after link provided pictures, his blog, and comments about his photographs... but no biographical information about Mr. Tucker. Seeing a contact number for auction on his website: 'Mark Tucker, Nashville Tennessee', I thought it harmless enough and called. Mark Tucker answered. He was obviously a bit reserved at first. I identified myself along with the nature of my call, students in photography, writing an essay on photographers in trinidad having a landscape theme. We spoke for around fifteen minutes.

Unfortunately it's probably too far gone you may anticipate any sales this year, though the very good news is, with some planning you can get some highly marketable images ready for the coming year. Around here photo-buyer interest for Christmas/Holiday subjects usually peaks back July-September, so as always, the bottom line is to plan ahead!

There is also the east and west Bishan Park. The west gives a beautiful Asian garden-inspired scenery that can cause different views and options to provide you a lovely picture. The east however, gives you more lighting plus a lighter, more urban feel with condominiums though there continue to be a few grassy areas plus a large field while using buildings as backdrop.

Finally I asked about the Internet, the powerful changes that have occurred in the decades his career spans; about photo digital portrait photography versus film. He was both whimsical and practical talking to view of production, ease of photography. His favorite film developer is not really in operation and to some extent a professional needs to use digital technology.

In fact, you can even place your advertisement on the Internet. However, before advertising about your photo studio, make sure that you gather information regarding photo shoot. Photography requires skills and so, practice photo shoot on different subjects before investing on the portable photo studio.
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